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Being different from other weblogs, this site provides you with general input on interview strategies.

Attending an interview is probably an event that most of us will experience in our life time. There are many different types of interviews such as job interview, appraisal interview, and counseling interview. No matter what type of interview we attend, each interview is a unique communication event and we need to be well prepared for it.

Basically, this site offers you short and snappy notes on preparing for and attending job interviews. Since most of the content in this site is adopted from module of Business & Professional Communication course offered in Universiti  Utara Malaysia, it is very suitable channel for students to have a look at different layout of their notes. Apart from this specific group, this site is free to be visited to those who are in thirst and hunger of information about interview session.

HAPPY   ING everyone!


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  1. Hi Ca’ah…nice blog!!! wink wink >_<

  2. thank nisa!! ur’s also nice…^_^

  3. gud job beb….bravooo!!!!

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