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Lesson 3

How to respond to a job advertisement

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Lesson 2

Preparing for the interview

The initial preparation actually begins from the moment you read an advertisement that interest you. Your first impression of a possible future employment will often come from the advertisement that you answer. This can sometimes reveal considerable information, not just about the job, but also the employer. It takes careful reading to assess the firm that has put out the advertisement. Some firms tend to exaggerate so as to make the organization and the job sound attractive. The advertisement will normally contain the following:


  • The job title
  • A brief summary of duties
  • A brief indication of the sort of person required
  • The salary range
  • ‘When’ the person is required
  • The date by which applications must be submitted
  • The address to which the applications should be sent
  • The method of application

Lesson 1

Definition of job interviews

A job interview involves a purposeful exchange of information for a predetermined purpose in a structured situation. The job interview is the action that you desire from your letter and resume. A job interview is a real-life test in which you show how well you have been trained and how well you can apply what you have learned. In addition, you may need specific knowledge or skills in order to succeed in getting job you want. Business is highly competitive and the person who is the most successful in presenting his or her qualifications will most likely get the position.

Purposes of job interviews

A job interview is your opportunity to convince a potential employer that you are the best person for the job. It is a situation created as a result of your responding to the position advertised. It is also your first face-to-face encounter with your employer. You, therefore, should be ready to speak clearly and to ask appropriate questions when asked by the panel of interviewers.