Lesson 4

Preparing for the interview

Before the interview

When you received the letter from the organization inviting you to an interview, it means that you have an opportunity to be employed for the first time or a chance to attain a better position based on your current experience. Before attending the interview, here is a list of things which you should do before attending the interview:

  1. Find about the position
  2. Study the company
  3. Identify your strength
  4. Get ready the relevant documents

During the interview

During the interview, an applicant should consider the following in order to succeed:

  • Look good and behave properly
  • Know the organization and the job
  • Respond to the employer’s needs
  • Prepare for important questions
  • Be honest
  • Keep your answers brief
  • Ask questions
  • Close the interview

After the interview

The interview does not end after the session. You should immediately do a follow-up by sending a letter to the person who interviewed you. This letter serves several purposes:

  • It demonstrates common courtesy.
  • It reminds the employer of you.
  • It gives a chance to remind the interviewer of important information about you that came up in the interview.
  • It can correct any misunderstandings that might have occurred during the interview.
  • It can tactfully remind the interviewer of promises made such as a second interview or a response by a certain date.


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