Below are list of useful websites for you to have better understanding and information on interview strategies. Happy browsing!

AceTheInterview –

AceTheInterview is totally dedicated to about every aspect of the job hunt you can think of.  Their interview section has important notes on things such as do’s & don’ts, the touchy area of salary negotiations, an interview checklist and more.
CareerBuilder –  

The popular mainstream job hunting site offers numerous tips on all aspects of the application and interview process, tips on marketing yourself, how to promote your hidden job skills and more.


InterviewBest –

Helps you come up with concise interview presentations that present your strong points and how you would benefit a company.


Monster – 

The well known job search site also offers quizzes you can use to see how ready you are for various aspects of your job hunt as well as a random job interview question generator.


QuintCareers – 

Is a site dedicated to preparing you for your job hunt with over 3,500 pages of free career advice.  They have a large section dedicated to what to expect from the interview process and how best to prepare for it. – 

MAELE is an e-community of Malaysian English Language Educators.  This site share ideas, stories, and experiences about language teaching, learning, and research. They are looking forward to work together on series of research projects and paper presentations. In brief, MAELE can be described as following:

MAELE is a non-political, non-religious, and nonprofit entity. It is open to Malaysians but access to this site will soon be based on registered membership.

MAELE helps to promote Malaysian language educators’ expertise by giving them a ‘space’ to advertise their CVs, papers, activities, ideas,  research findings, and their language-based products.

MAELE welcomes suggestions from members and visitors to improve this site.

MAELE  is an outcome of the webmaster’s Internet involvement in teaching.

MAELE was inspired in1998.

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