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Exercise 2

Below are extended exercise for you to attempt. It is best practiced in pairs or group activity.


Benefits and Qualifications:

  A benefit is something you receive from a job.

qualification is something you need to do a job.

Look at the following list of vocabulary items. Are they benefits of a job or qualifications for a job?

__________________  promotion

__________________  work experience

__________________  medical insurance

__________________  vacation

__________________ bachelor/masters/doctor/degree

__________________  references

__________________  salary

__________________  wage

__________________  housing

__________________  license

__________________  commissions

__________________  tips

__________________  bonus

__________________  being well-spoken

__________________  being hardworking

__________________  discount on goods

__________________  training courses

__________________  dental insurance

__________________  creativity

__________________  report card/transcript

__________________  raise

__________________  neat appearance/dress

In a group, decide what the most important qualifications and benefits are?

Most Important Benefits

Most Important Qualifications





There are many ways to ask about another person’s abilities: You can say any of the following:

Can you speak another language?

Are you hardworking?

Are you good at making sales?

Are you able to work on Sundays?

Do you know how to use Excel?

Do you have a driver’s license?   


Skill or Ability



Your Partner’s Answer

Can you . . . Yes/No

Extra Info

Yes/No Extra Info
use Power Point?
face new challenges?
speak another language?
Are you . . .
Are you good at . . .
writing business letters?
making sales?
Are you able to . . .
work alone?
work under pressure?
translate correspondence?
Do you know how to . . .
use Microsoft Excel?
prioritize tasks?
use a word processor?
Do you have . . .
any experience?
a driver’s license?
any degrees?





interview-lesson plan

Exercise 1

Welcome to practice zone!

Click on the links below to try out the Exercise designed to test your general understanding on Job Interview. The practice comes in different form of questions.


All the best!

Reading comprehension test with 1 passage, 5 multiple-choice questions and  5 True-False questions:

10 omitted items in cloze test (fill-in-the-blanks):

5 sentence construction questions:

5 items for matching questions (drag-n-drop):

10 items for crossword puzzle

Teacher’s Guide

This section provides teachers to utilize the content in this blog as teaching material. Bear in mind that this is a way to guide teachers to use blog to replace their traditional method of teaching English for specific purposes (ESP). Thus, teachers are not restricted to follow all procedures as suggested in the lesson plan. There are other strategies that can be implemented to incorporate the content in this blog according to your students’ needs and facilities support.


Happy teaching teachers! 

Lesson Plan

Lesson Duration 4 hours (2hrs + 2hrs)
Target Learners Business Administration students
Proficiency Level Intermediate
Skills Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing
Objective To prepare business students with the required language skills for job interview in order to perform their best in getting jobs.
Educational Background Diploma, Degree
Teaching Aids Learning Blog
Teaching Approaches Communicative Approach
Course Outcomes At the end of the day, students should
be able to :
  • describe the general principles of job interview.
  • identify appropriate job advertisement according to ones qualification.
  • respond to job advertisement in various ways.
  • explain the preparation before, during and after the interview.
  • write comprehensible application letter and resume.
  • speak in appropriate language and manner in mock interview session.
  •  practice tips learned in mock interview session.


Teaching Procedures



Teacher’s Activity

Students’ Activity



(10 minutes)

  • Teacher greets the students.
  • Teacher shows students newspaper classifieds on job advertisement.
  • Teacher gives a brief explanation about the activity of the day.
  • Students respond.
  •  Job advertisement articles.
Development I

Understanding general principles in Job Interview session.

(20 minutes)

  • Teacher starts the lesson for the day.
  • Teacher explains the definition and purposes of job interview.
  • Students listen attentively and ask questions.
Interactivelearning blog.

  • Lesson 1
Development II

First step

(30 minutes)

  • Teacher asks students on the first step to look for a job.
  • Teacher describes in details on how to respond to a job advertisement.
  • Students respond.
  • Students take notes and listen carefully.
Interactive learning blog.

  • Newspaper cutting on job advertisements
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
Development III

Preparing for the interview

(30 minutes)

  • Teacher asks students on general tips to prepare for the interview.
  • Teacher explains the preparation before, during and after the interview.
  • Students respond.
  • Students take notes and listen attentively.
Interactive learning blog.

  • Lesson 4
Development IV

Writing Skills

(1 hour)

  • Teacher initiates discussion on documents needed for interview session.
  • Teacher goes through the procedure to write Application Letter and Curriculum Vitae.
  • Teacher asks students to write application letter and resume of their own.
  • Students respond.
  • Students take notes and listen attentively.
  • Students attempt the practice.
Interactive learning blog.

  • Lesson 5
  • Lesson 6
  • Exercise 2
Development V

Mock interview

(1 hour)

  • Teacher initiates discussion on frequently asked questions during interview.
  • Teacher reveals some of the questions.
  • Teacher also shares tips for successful interview session.
  • Teacher asks students to be in pairs and attempt mock interview practice.
  • Students respond.
  • Students attempt the task.
  • Students bring along the application letter and resume they have made in previous activity to the interview session.
Interactive learning blog.

  • Lesson 7
  • Exercise 2
Development VI

Exercise 1

(30 minutes) 

  • Teacher asks students to do Exercise 1 to test their understanding on general issues in job interview session.
  •  Students do the exercise
Interactive learning blog.

  • Exercise 1

(5 minutes)


  • Teacher asks feedbacks from the students.
  • Teacher wraps up the entire lesson and dismisses the class.
  • Students clarify doubts with the teacher (if any).