Exercise 2

Below are extended exercise for you to attempt. It is best practiced in pairs or group activity.


Benefits and Qualifications:

  A benefit is something you receive from a job.

qualification is something you need to do a job.

Look at the following list of vocabulary items. Are they benefits of a job or qualifications for a job?

__________________  promotion

__________________  work experience

__________________  medical insurance

__________________  vacation

__________________ bachelor/masters/doctor/degree

__________________  references

__________________  salary

__________________  wage

__________________  housing

__________________  license

__________________  commissions

__________________  tips

__________________  bonus

__________________  being well-spoken

__________________  being hardworking

__________________  discount on goods

__________________  training courses

__________________  dental insurance

__________________  creativity

__________________  report card/transcript

__________________  raise

__________________  neat appearance/dress

In a group, decide what the most important qualifications and benefits are?

Most Important Benefits

Most Important Qualifications





There are many ways to ask about another person’s abilities: You can say any of the following:

Can you speak another language?

Are you hardworking?

Are you good at making sales?

Are you able to work on Sundays?

Do you know how to use Excel?

Do you have a driver’s license?   


Skill or Ability



Your Partner’s Answer

Can you . . . Yes/No

Extra Info

Yes/No Extra Info
use Power Point?
face new challenges?
speak another language?
Are you . . .
Are you good at . . .
writing business letters?
making sales?
Are you able to . . .
work alone?
work under pressure?
translate correspondence?
Do you know how to . . .
use Microsoft Excel?
prioritize tasks?
use a word processor?
Do you have . . .
any experience?
a driver’s license?
any degrees?





interview-lesson plan

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